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I don’t go out to eat too often, so when I do, I like to make sure I enjoy it. And, whenever someone suggests we eat out, I almost always have the same reply: Sultan’s Market. With two locations in neighborhoods that I often frequent (Lincoln Park and Wicker Park), Sultan’s cheap Mediterranean cuisine is a safe choice. Locale and price, although convenient and beneficial, usually aren’t my main reasons for suggesting. Even if Sultan’s was in a pricey suburb spot, I’d still find a way to their crunchy falafels and savory shawermas. I’m no expert at food description, in fact I’m quite bad at it, mostly because my two favorite adjectives for edible satisfaction are “dope” and “tite;” but in tasting either selections I mentioned, or maybe going blind on a hearty Kefta Kabob sandwich, you’ll realize that a description just isn’t necessary. Sultan’s grub is the kind of grub where you say how good (or dope) it is at least three times before finishing your meal, usually with a recap when all is said and done.

The last time I went to Sultan’s I was with my buddy Dubes. He’s new to Chicago this summer and is currently realizing his love for Sultan’s. He decided to go blind on that kefta kabob and I got me a lamb shawerma. Jerusalem salad, creamy hummus, and a light dash of tabouli added a refreshing flavor to the just-greasy-enough lamb. And the decently sized pita pocket that carried this tasty art was warm and thin. I finished in under 10 minutes, as did Dubes, and we were able to digest and savor this Chicago favorite on their sun soaked patio–which is, of course, just another benefit.

Check ’em out! http://chicagofalafel.com/


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